Scientist in Residence

Saints Girls’ Scientist in Residence for 2022 is Sophie Dolling, a PhD student in Marine Biology and Chemistry at the University of Adelaide who is studying the chemistry behind plastic pollution in seafood species across South Australia. Sophie works alongside our girls during Science lessons and runs vibrant lunchtime experiments, helping ignite a passion for all things STEM.

Sophie’s Science journey began when she was in high school, discovering she was most enthusiastic about her Science and Maths lessons. At university, she realised Marine Biology and Chemistry were the areas she was most passionate about. Sophie has had some incredible experiences, including living aboard the RV Investigator – a large marine research vessel operated by the Australian Government. During her 12 days on board, she conducted extensive research including plankton surveys, analysis of ancient marine fossils, ocean floor mapping where her team discovered a new underwater canyon system, marine mammal surveys and oceanographic research on changing ocean currents.

During her time at Stonyfell, Sophie aims to show Saints Girls all the incredible opportunities in STEM and inspire the next generation of female scientists.