Visual Arts

At St Peter’s Girls, the Visual Arts stimulate and inspire our girls to explore their creativity, push the boundaries and challenge their thinking. From the younger years at our ELC all the way to Year 12, our students participate in structured programs which involve creating, making and presenting a variety of artwork.

Our girls are given the guidance and freedom to express their individuality in anything from paint to plaster. While traditional art is extremely prominent, technology has also become a central focus. Girls are encouraged to take advantage of the latest design software to produce a range of dynamic artworks and products. Our students relish opportunities to experiment with technology, such as finding ways to integrate electricity into their more conventional pieces of art. It is this creative licence combined with our enthusiastic educators and first-class resources, that set Saints Girls apart with Visual Arts.

Art exhibitions are held throughout the year across our Sub-Schools, showcasing our girls’ achievements. A feature on the calendar is Arts Alive, where our junior students produce a piece that goes on display to the School community. It is a wonderful opportunity for families to see what their girls are capable of, bringing parents, grandparents and friends together in a special setting full of surprises for the senses.

Many of our girls bring their talent and zest for Visual Arts into their senior years, where they can undertake either SACE or IB studies.

Subjects available:

  • SACE Stage 1 Visual Arts: Art/Design
  • SACE Stage 2 Visual Arts: Art/Design
  • IB Visual Arts

Students evaluate how representations communicate artistic intentions in practical works. They consider visual works and displays from different cultures, times and places, while learning to express their own ideas, feelings and concepts in lived or imagined experiences. As the programs advance, problem-solving and inquiry intensify while students work towards technical proficiency and confidence as art-makers.

It sets our girls up as creative individuals who embrace a lifelong engagement with The Arts.