I really enjoyed the exchange to Japan where I learned a lot about Japanese culture and traditions.


Travelling to Cambodia was a highlight of my time at St Peter's Girls.


Global Academy

The Global Academy aims to build a culture of respect, empowerment and passion where students are encouraged to make a difference both locally and globally. The program allows our girls to not only learn about the world, but also experience it and share their knowledge with others.

The Global Academy has three disciplines:

The Global Action Program

This program reinforces involvement in charities and not-for-profit organisations locally, nationally and internationally. All students in the Middle and Senior Schools are involved in the development of relationships with their House Charity.

The Global Curriculum

As an IB PYP and Diploma School, and with International Mindedness and Connectivity central to the Middle School Curriculum Framework, we are committed to placing all learning in its global context and to enriching the Curriculum by making international links that promote intercultural and global understanding.

The Global Experience Program

We offer the opportunity of an overseas experience which includes homestay exchange programs in our sister schools, service learning trips to Cambodia and Fiji, study trips in Europe and Japan, and overseas sporting and music tours.

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