House System

An integral part of the School’s fabric is our House system. Generations of students at St Peter’s Girls have belonged to one of four Houses: Kennion, Kilburn, Patteson or Selwyn. The Houses are named after key figures in our School’s history and each group reflects the values of those who cemented and reinforced our foundations. For decades, these four Houses have inspired healthy rivalry through academic, sporting and cultural competitions.

Interhouse carnivals are both fierce and friendly affairs where our girls relish the sense of belonging and teamwork. One of the most anticipated events on the School’s calendar is our legendary Choral Night where the Houses battle it out through song and dance. The electric performances send the audience into raptures, leaving little wonder why it’s a Saints Girls institution.

For Old Scholars whose daughters attend Saints Girls, the House System is a tradition that continues with the bloodline, as their girls are placed in the same group where they once enjoyed such enduring camaraderie. Beyond the competitions, each House supports a dedicated charity, allowing our students to demonstrate compassion through service.

In addition to all of this, but perhaps most significantly, the Houses give rise to a loyal support network of girls who go above and beyond to look after their fellow sisters.