Drama plays a respected role at St Peter’s Girls. Our dedicated staff give students the skills and direction they need to flourish, both on stage and behind the scenes. Specialist workshops are held throughout the year to empower our students through practical exercises and theoretical wisdom. We facilitate a number of excursions as well as inviting artists to perform at the School, exposing our girls to a plethora of theatrical styles across all manner of genres.

Each year, we stage a Year 5 Production and a Senior Drama Production, with the latter often an original piece written within the School. Every production is a highlight not only for the student performers and crew, but the entire School community. Audiences clamour to witness the girls as they harness their craft, displaying skills and composure well beyond their years. In addition, the School stages a spectacular musical every two years.

The School’s curriculum introduces our students to Drama at a young age, fostering a passion for theatre that often leads to studies in Year 12.

Subjects available:

  • SACE Stage 1 Drama
  • SACE Stage 2 Drama
  • IB Theatre

Students develop vocal, physical and ensemble skills through scripted and non-scripted performance, demonstrate stagecraft and characterisation techniques, and explore the role of drama in different cultures, places and times. They respond to performed drama and dramatic texts in an analytical and reflective manner and apply their knowledge in conceiving, developing, creating, interpreting, evaluating and presenting dramatic works. Students have the opportunity to produce theatre as individual and collaborative creators, designers, directors and performers while applying research and theory to inform their work.

At Saints Girls, our Drama students enjoy a lively, robust and unforgettable experience.