North West Build

Saints Girls is delighted to be embarking upon our biggest project in the School's history: The St Peter's Girls' North West Build.

The build will feature:

  • Two multipurpose indoor courts
  • A spectator platform
  • A modern fitness room
  • A weights room
  • A movement studio
  • Music rooms
  • A drama space
  • General learning classrooms
  • A café
  • Changerooms
  • 36 underground carparks with 8 repurposed bus car parks

The North West Build represents a significant step forward in our School’s history. The plans are currently with Burnside Council as required for approval, and we are looking at commencing the build in the second half of 2024, to coincide with celebrations of our School’s 130th year.


North West Build FAQ's

How long will the North West Build take?

The construction phase of the North West Build is expected to take approximately 18 months from start to finish. 

Is the façade of the new building changeable?

Unfortunately, no, the face of the building is not changeable. The design and materials for the building are carefully chosen during the planning phase to ensure durability, aesthetic appear, allow natural light into the facility and alignment with the overall architectural vision of the School. We are open to exploring other ways to enhance the appearance of the building’s exterior through landscaping.

Will the new build cause traffic restriction?

The construction of the new building may lead to temporary traffic restrictions or alternations. To ensure the safety of students, staff, visitors and local residence during the construction phase. Our team is working closely with local authorities and traffic engineers to develop a traffic management plan that aims to mitigate congestion and maintain a smooth traffic flow on Hallet and Stonyfell Roads. We will keep the School community and residents informed about any temporary changes to traffic patterns where appropriate.

Will the new build impact the running of the School?

The construction of the new building is carefully planned to minimise the disruption to the day-to-day operations of the School. The main priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, teachers and staff, while ensuring our educational programs continue uninterrupted. We will develop a comprehensive construction schedule that considers school holidays, breaks and peak periods to minimise disturbance to classrooms and any activities happening on school grounds.

Is this going to increase the number of enrolments at the School?

The purpose of the new build is not to accommodate increased enrolments. It is designed to enhance the experience of existing students providing improved facilities and resources for their education and enjoyment. Our focus with the new build is to enrich the learning environment for our current students to thrive and succeed.

Will the build provide noise impacts to our local community?

We have taken measures to minimise noise disturbances during the construction of the new facility. We are mindful of the surrounding community and have established protocols to ensure that construction activities are conducted within permissible hours and in consideration of nearby residents.

When the facility is in use, will the noise impact the School and local community?

The design of the building includes soundproofing measures to minimise noise impact on the student’s learning environment and the surrounding community when the facility is in use. Acoustic Engineers have been employed to mitigate sound emanating out of the building. We understand the importance of being a considerate neighbour and we have incorporated soundproofing materials and techniques into the construction plans to alleviate any potential noise disturbances. Our goal is to ensure that the North West Build enhances the School experience while maintaining harmony with the surrounding environment.

Will current community groups that use our current Gym be interrupted with the North West Build?

We anticipate there will minimal impact on our community groups during the build. We will provide updates to our community groups on this as appropriate.

Will the building be called the North West Building? If not, how will you decide on the name?

No, the building will not be called the North West Building. We will decide the name of the building following our Naming Rights Policy. This policy outlines the criteria and process for naming buildings, facilities and other significant assets within our School.  We hope to release the name of the building at our 130 Anniversary event in Oct 2024. We will then release it to the wider community the day after this event.

Why has the height of the building changed from the original plans?

The height of the building has been adjusted to facilitate elite sporting events, ensuring compliance with the necessary standards and requirements. Specifically, the updated height of our building will comply with Netball Australia's policy for the height of an indoor court. This adjustment ensures that our facility meets the necessary standards providing an optimal playing environment for players of all levels. 

Master Plan Milestones

Saints Girls are thriving in our new state-of-the-art Science Centre.

Featuring three purpose-built laboratories for the pillars of Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics – and four general laboratories, this transformational facility cements St Peter's Girls as a national leader in STEM education.

The project has also given rise to an expanded Visual Arts space, a new Junior School Art hub and upgraded pool facilities.

With South Australia at the forefront of technology, particularly in defence and now space, there has never been a more important time to ignite in our girls a spark for Science.

The official opening on Friday 18 October 2019 featured an inspiring speech by Australia’s Chief Defence Scientist Professor Tanya Monro and other powerful highlights:

Our previous Science facility has been transformed with a dedicated Media Hub, a new IT centre, as well as additional new classrooms for our Junior School. Other classrooms along the Junior School corridor have been refurbished and new breakout spaces created.

The Science Centre is a major milestone from the School’s Master Plan, The Next Challenge: Building for Tomorrow, which was launched in July 2015. Other achievements include expanding our Early Learners' Centre, increasing parking spaces and access to additional sporting facilities in neighbouring Bell Yett Reserve, installing high speed network services to boost online learning, building a new Middle School and opening a new Library.

Truly, there has never been a better time to be at Saints Girls.

Strategic Plan

St Peter's Girls has been delivering on our Strategic Plan to reinforce our reputation as a world-class provider of girls' education.

Following on from our previous Strategic Plan, it retains seven integral focus areas: Academics, Wellbeing, Staff, Co-Curricular, Spaces and Places, Community and Organisational Sustainability.

Board of Governors

St Peter’s Collegiate Girls’ School Inc is registered as an incorporated Association under the Associations Incorporation Act.

The Association is established to:

  • Administer, carry on and conduct as principal manager agent or otherwise residential and day schools in the State of South Australia and without prejudice to the generality thereof, to act as manager of the school known as St Peter’s Collegiate Girls’ School, Stonyfell Road, Stonyfell.
  • Provide education which shall include religious education in conformity with the principles of the Anglican Church of Australia supported by an ethos and culture of enduring values, pastoral care and mutual support in the tradition of the founding Sisters and underpinned by the Association’s Anglican identity.

St Peter’s Girls is governed by an independent Board operating under world’s best practice governance principles for educational institutions. The Board acts as the steward of the School and is responsible for the good governance of the organisation. It provides leadership, sets strategic directions and fosters long-term financial sustainability. The Board promotes and practises ethical, informed and transparent decision-making.

To see our current Board of Governors, visit our Leadership page.

Correspondence for the Board can be sent to

School Performance Report

As part of our funding agreement with the Australian Government, we are required to ensure that specific “School Performance Information” is made publicly available to the School community. Please find the latest edition here:

School Performance Report 2022