At Saints Girls, we believe in the power of quality career education. As a continually evolving space within schools, best practice asserts that the majority of career education content should be covered before students enter Year 12.

Designed for Years 7 to 12, our new bespoke and future-focused ‘Career.Ready’ program aims to equip our girls for the ever-changing digital age and connect them with industry to set the foundations for success.

Teaching content draws from the Australian Blueprint for Career Development as well as intensive programs taught in other states, with emphasis placed on enabling students to make sound career choices by better understanding their passions and preferences.

Girls in each year group also complete career action plans, exploring with their teachers and parents the resulting data and insights in order to revisit and adjust their plans each year.

The program incorporates our popular ‘JobChat’ initiative which allows our students to delve into their fields of interest by connecting them with industry professionals including many of our talented Old Scholars.

In parallel, St Peter’s Girls hosts a Scientist in Residence throughout the year to help further ignite and nurture the STEM spark in our girls, and the School facilitates regular seminars and workshops across a wide cross-section of careers.