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Our Pathway to School

Across our Early Learners’ Centre and Junior School, we are committed to providing a vibrant and holistic education for all children, building foundations for lifelong learning.

Our youngest learners enter our ELC as 2 year olds, embarking upon a carefully-crafted and consistent educational and developmental journey through our Centre as they grow in age, personality and ability.

As that journey enters its final phases, the smooth transition for students from ELC to Reception is key as it empowers children to feel confident and comfortable as they begin school, whilst also building competency and courage for future transitions.

At St Peter’s Girls, we provide our bespoke Pathway to School, a targeted ELC-to-school experience for all ELC children during the six months prior to their commencement as Receptions at the start of a new school year or in the mid-year intake.

Based in a new flexible and dynamic learning space within our Early Learners’ Centre, our Pathway to School is led by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. To complement the globally recognised learning experiences that already take place across our Centre, children are engaged in an extended range of focused learning opportunities aimed at preparing them for a successful and positive start to school.

Fundamental capabilities that are accelerated through our Pathway to School include social, emotional and self-management skills to further develop independence, organisation and resilience.

Literacy, numeracy and STEM explorations are amplified daily during rich inquiries and interwoven play activities, guided by problem-solving and creativity. Crucially, our Pathway to School places children’s wellbeing at the centre as we focus on their individual growth.