Celebrating Innovation and Excellence in Science Education

We are thrilled to announce the South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA) has honoured St Peter’s Girls’ School as a 2024 Science Active School. This prestigious award is a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence in science education, recognising our high level of engagement both within the classroom and in broader scientific communities.

Our unique approach to science education, combining both SACE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme complemented by our state-of-the-art facilities, including seven laboratories with three purpose-built labs dedicated to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, is designed to inspire and motivate our students. This approach, coupled with the dedication of our teaching staff, has been pivotal in achieving this national recognition as a 2024 Science Active School, and we are proud to see the positive impact it has on our students’ learning journeys.

Our commitment to science education extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. We actively foster innovative ways to bring science to life, as demonstrated by our Scientist in Residence program. This initiative, featuring role models who nurture scientific curiosity and integrate real-world science into daily learning, has had a profound impact on our students’ understanding and appreciation of Science. Our involvement in the Oliphant Science Awards, the Big Science Competition, and our connections with leading universities further underscore our dedication to nurturing our students’ scientific curiosity and understanding.

This recognition from SASTA is not just a celebration of our current achievements, but also a compass guiding our future endeavours in science education. We are committed to empowering our students to excel and become leaders who will shape the future of Science and Technology. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence in science education.

Thank you to all our educators, students, and the Saints Girls’ community for your dedication and passion. Let us continue to inspire and be inspired as we prepare our girls for a world where they thrive and lead with courage, creativity, and compassion.

Science Department staff members:

  • Craig Byrne, Head of Science
  • Kate Fryer, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Melissa Lee, STEM Innovation Leader
  • Emma Smerdon, Head of Middle School
  • Clare Gaskell, Head of Year 10/Head of Selwyn House/Science Teacher *not pictured
  • David Stuart, Senior Science Teacher
  • Roger Mills, Mathematics and Science Teacher
  • Craig Perkins, Mathematics and Science Teacher
  • Dr Chrissie Smith, Psychology Teacher
  • Emily Hocking, Science Teacher
  • Lan Hin, Mathematics and Science Teacher
  • Olivia Keatch, Mathematics Teacher
  • Nikki Brennan, Health, PE and Science Teacher
  • Debbie Xenophou, Laboratory Technician *not pictured
  • Gabriele Hilpert, Laboratory Technician *not pictured
  • Helen Hier, Laboratory Assistant

Melissa Lee
STEM Innovation Leader

Craig Byrne
Head of Science