On March 16 2024, at SA Schools’ Head of the River our rowers achieved historic results!

Our teams truly excelled with our:

  • Year 8B crew winning the Olympia Aldersey Cup
  • Year 8C crew claiming the Margaret Brown Cup
  • Year 8D crew bringing home the Victoria Basedow Cup
  • Year 9A crew secured third place
  • Year 9B and 9D crews proudly claimed second place

These remarkable achievements mark a historic moment as Saints Girls won the Rowing Intercol for the very first time!

Along with this, the first place trophies will live proudly at the School for the next year, a testament to our girls’ hard work, dedication and courage.

Congratulations to all Saints Girl Rowers for your hard work throughout the year—it truly paid off, and you should all feel incredibly proud.