Fee Schedule 2017

St Peter’s Girls is recognised as a school of excellence in all of its operations. The Board of Governors is mindful of the School’s commitment to maintaining high quality education for our current and future students while ensuring outstanding results and innovative developments are achieved.

As a result, our School fees are structured to encompass the total costs associated with the high standard of schooling that your daughter deserves.

For your reference, please find:

> A letter outlining the fees schedule from the Chair Board of Governors
> Fee Schedule 2017

Sibling discounts

For families with more than one child attending St Peter’s Girls at the same time, the discount is applied at the following rates:

  • 2nd child 10%
  • 3rd child 20%
  • 4th child 30%

Within the Anglican single-sex schools’ network, we can offer a discount to a student who has a sibling attending St Peter’s College.

Discounts only apply to tuition fees.

> Sibling Discount form

For further information, please contact the Finance Team via ahamilton@stpetersgirls.sa.edu.au or +61 (08) 8334 2273.