It was wonderful to celebrate some of our newest Old Scholars and current students for their outstanding achievements across SACE and IB in 2023 at our annual Academic Excellence Assembly.

Special thanks to our guest speaker, former Dux Bethany Cross (Patteson 2018), who presented an engaging speech as well as shared inspiring advice with our audience. ‘It’s ok not to have found what you want to do, as long as you’re looking. You won’t know what excites and interests you until you try. It is perfectly reasonable to try one thing, realise it’s wrong, turn around and try something else. I’ve found that people are generally willing to help, and it’s incredibly rewarding to realise you really like something you’ve just discovered.’

With a Bachelor of Science (majors in Genetics and Bioinformatics), Bethany is currently studying a Master of Philosophy in Molecular and Biomedical Science. She is interested in the fields of genomics and science communication and plans to further explore her research topic in the future.

Congratulations to all our award recipients, such an inspiring occasion for all present!