Futures Program

Unique to our Middle School, the Futures Program introduces the concept of entrepreneurship. Students in Years 7 and 8 engage in personalised learning experiences, enabling each to pursue her passions and talents to excel in her own way.

The program is based on creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset. Girls are encouraged to seek out an authentic problem or issue worth solving. This results in students establishing a business (for-profit or social enterprise) and selling a product, service or idea at a school market. One group, Knots, collected discarded fishing nets from local SA beaches and recycled them into bespoke bracelets (pictured), each named after the beach from where the net was found.

Students are introduced to tech entrepreneurship and are challenged to consider the impact of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things when identifying problems and solutions. They are encouraged to prototype solutions using 3D printers and laser cutting technologies when opportunities arise. Throughout the year, the girls also have the chance to apply their entrepreneurial mindset to create technology including mobile applications, websites and 3D models to solve problems.

In Year 7, Futures students investigate the Future of Fashion and consider how to make the industry more sustainable through the use of technology.

In Year 8, Futures students explore industry problems through the mentorship of industry partners to solve the problem of future skill shortages.