Leadership Matters

To complement and work in triplicate with our #EMPOWHER wellbeing and Career.Ready programs, St Peter’s Girls has proudly introduced our new bespoke Leadership program: Leadership Matters.

The program is named after Muriel Matters who was studying at university in Adelaide when our School was founded in 1894, the same year women in South Australia gained the right to vote. Muriel went on to campaign courageously for female suffrage in the UK, and as such, her legacy inspires the values and skills we wish to instil in our girls today.

Our Leadership program is based on research from academic papers on student leadership from around the world, as well as an audit of best practice from national and international schools.

The program is arranged into four domains:

Self-Leadership - understanding emotions, self-regulation, personal values, motivation, strengths, weaknesses and personal wellbeing.

Fostering Positive Relationships - how empathy, trust, inclusiveness, conflict resolution, collaboration, and the ability to motivate and empower others combine to help build great teams.

Goal Achievement - harnessing communication, problem-solving, agile thinking, time management and project management skills to bring ideas and projects to fruition.

Taking the Lead – Taking Action - carefully curated practical opportunities to experience and reflect upon leadership moments.

Core content has been tailored for our students across Years 7 to 11, and we hope to reinforce to all of our girls that everyone can experience and share moments of leadership.