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Old Scholars

St Peter’s Girls’ graduates can be found all over the globe, yet they remain connected to the School where their friendships formed and their sense of knowledge, self and future took shape.

The Old Scholars’ Association is an essential link between the history of St Peter’s Girls and the present School community. It commenced in 1914, making it one of the oldest associations of its kind in Australia. The OSA provides an annual Scholarship which is awarded to an external student entering our School in Years 5 – 8 who has proven all-round ability and a connection to Saints Girls through a family member having attended the School in the past.

The affairs of the Association are managed through a Council of approximately 20 members who meet monthly on a Tuesday evening. Council members represent a vast number of alumni. The AGM is held in March, with all members of the OSA welcome to attend. We encourage anyone interested in joining the committee to nominate at this time. To become a Council member, one must be an Old Scholar.

The Council is supported by the Community Relations Office which manages the day-to-day requirements of the OSA.

Many Old Scholars return to Saints Girls to talk with current students, sharing their professional experiences across a host of careers. They also volunteer through our Old Scholars' Tutor Program, sharing their knowledge and providing guidance to current students as they navigate their studies.

The OSA has been responsible for the establishment of the School Museum and continues to give voluntary support to its development.

Tori Moore (Patteson 2009)

Charlie Aykroyd (Kennion 2010) – Treasurer
Anne Daniell (nee Crisp, Kennion 1969) – Secretary
Helen Starr (nee Austin, Selwyn 1961)
Judith Bruce (nee Yeoman, Patteson 1962)
Jacqui Seppelt (nee Roll, Kilburn 1964)
Helen Cant (nee Geue, Selwyn 1965)
Rebecca Parry (Kilburn 1980)
Kylie Rundell (nee Schuster, Kennion 1980)
Bec Farquhar (Selwyn 1988)
Sinead O’Shaughnessy (Kilburn 2008)
Hannah Butenko (Kilburn 2011)
Stephanie Hannah (Patteson 2010)
Emily White (Patteson 2010)
Mel Stevens (Kennion 2013)
Emily Smith (Selwyn 2013)
Ellen Mitten (Patteson 2013)
Isabella Farina (Kennion 2014)
Saumya Chanana (Patteson 2015)
Georgina Sarah (Kilburn 2016)
Madison Bateman (Kennion 2016)
Lily Habel (Kennion 2017)
Hannah Brown (Kennion 2019)
Bella Bernardi (Kennion 2020)

Reunions and Events

The Old Scholars’ Association hosts an Annual Reunion Dinner in June which celebrates Old Scholars who attended Saints Girls 60, 50, 40, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 or 5 years ago. The OSA provides many other opportunities to reconnect in Adelaide including “A Touch of Blue” cocktail evening for our younger Old Scholars, movie events.

Interstate reunions include annual events in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth.

Saints Alive & Old Scholars’ eNews

Old Scholars receive our dedicated biannual publication Saints Alive, which contains information about the School community as well as news of Old Scholars. New graduates also receive copies of the School magazine.

Old Scholars are emailed a copy of the quarterly Old Scholars’ eNews. 

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For further information on the St Peter’s Girls’ School Old Scholars’ Association, or to book a ticket for an event, please contact:

Megan McCormack (nee Walker, Kilburn 1986)
Old Scholar and Community Relations Officer
Phone: 08 8334 2239