Why a Girls' School

St Peter’s Girls is a firm believer in the power of all-girls' education.

Research from around the world continues to provide strong evidence that girls in single-sex schools are more confident in their studies, particularly in STEM subjects, and their wellbeing is far greater.

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia outlines studies that affirm what we at Saints Girls know from our collective experience about the advantages of gender-based education. The research demonstrates benefits including the following:

  • Girls achieve highly in the middle years
  • Outstanding results in Senior School
  • ‘Gender atypical’ subject selection
  • Highly likely to enter university
  • Risk-taking and healthy competition
  • Enhanced wellbeing

At St Peter’s Girls, we recognise that we do not live in a single-sex society. As such, our girls have many opportunities to engage in social and structured activities with boys throughout their school years.

It is in their learning, confidence and social-emotional outcomes that they reap the benefits of single-sex education, cementing our School as a place for girls to flourish.