Year 12 Results

Our Class of 2017 has reinforced our tradition of success across both the SACE and IB Diploma pathways, with students achieving the following results:

> 45.3% received an ATAR over 95, placing them in the top 5% nationally
> Median ATAR: 94.75
> Top ATAR: 99.95
> Merit Awards: 37
> Tennyson Medal

Dux of IB Diploma Programme and overall Dux of the School, Emily Murdock, achieved a perfect score (45 out of 45 / 99.95 ATAR equivalent), earning eight merits - one of only two students in the State to do so.

Emily Schultz received the Tennyson Medal, awarded to SA’s best English Literary Studies’ student. It’s the sixth year running where a Saints Girl has won the prestigious prize.

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