Year 12 Results 2018

Our Class of 2018 has reinforced the School's tradition of success in academics.

Special mention goes to Bethany Cross who received the top Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of our SACE cohort with 99.85, which includes four A+s and three Merit Awards. Bethany was also one of 25 students in South Australia to receive the prestigious Governor of South Australia Commendation. Additionally, the following students received ATARs of 99 or above: Anna Bi, Ava Loechel and Olivia Compare.

The percentage of SACE Stage 2 grades in the ‘A’ band was 62.93%; compared with 59.08% (2017), 62.26% (2016) and 55.92% (2015). This underlines how consistently strong our SACE results have been over the past four years.

Our girls outperformed the State in all areas, with the percentage of ‘A’ grades far exceeding SA totals. We performed strongly across all subject areas, in particular:

  • The Arts Discipline with 96.4% of students receiving 'A' grades (compared with the State figure of 39%), including 50% of grades at A+ 
  • Business, Enterprise and Technologies with 82.86% of students receiving 'A' grades (compared with the State figure of 25.9%)
  • Humanities with 76.2% of students receiving 'A' grades (compared with the State figure of 27.67%)

Among the outstanding highlights of our International Baccalaureate graduates, Ziyi Yeoh achieved a score of 40 (98.25 ATAR equivalent) along with four merits. Felicia Mi received the same score and was rewarded with three merits. The School is extremely proud of the 2018 IB cohort, which is our biggest since the programme began at St Peter's Girls.

We commend our entire Class of 2018 for their hard work, dedication and contribution to St Peter’s Girls, and we wish them all the best for the next chapter of their learning journey.

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