Sport is part of daily life at Saints Girls. Our students take a range of activities in their stride, building confidence, strength, coordination, teamwork and commitment. Of course, they also have plenty of fun in the process!

Our Sports program varies according to year level, with all girls expected to get involved in some way, shape or form.

Junior students in School teams generally participate in mid-week training and matches, while Years 7 - 12 typically have Saturday morning fixtures with training sessions during the week either before or after school.

Annual School Sports Events

Athletics Sports Day (Years 4 - 12)

Swimming Carnival (Years 4 - 12)

Summer and Winter Interhouse Competitions

Cross Country (R - 9)

R - 3 Sports Morning

Sport in the Curriculum

St Peter’s Girls provides many opportunities for our students to participate in sport and to study it as well. Physical Education is taught right throughout the year levels and, as girls enter their senior schooling, they can choose to extend their learning in this discipline and related areas.

In Year 10, girls can study the specialist subject High Performance (Training Responses and Game Analysis) which explores how the human body moves and the ever-changing methods used to reach the optimum limits in sporting performance. It provides pathways towards Year 11 and 12 Physical Education, Nutrition, Psychology and Biology, as well as a myriad of university courses.

Feature Competitions

St Peter’s Girls is represented by our talented athletes in many State and National competitions, elevating their skills and experience to the next level.

We are a member of the Independent Girls’ Schools’ Sports Association (IGSSA), which provides an extensive range of interschool sporting events. The thrill of taking part in hotly-contested knockout competitions is a schooling highlight for many of our girls.

Teams and individuals are selected for sporting carnivals run through other bodies including Secondary School Sport SA (SSSSA) and the South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association (SAPSASA).

In addition, there are opportunities for students to be nominated in sports that fall outside of the School’s official program such as equestrian, golf, table tennis and archery.

Internally, our Interhouse sporting carnivals stand out on the School calendar. Along with Sports Day and the Swimming Carnival, our four Houses do battle against across a spectrum of sports throughout the year, building camaraderie and teamwork as each House vies for ultimate bragging rights.

Talent Support

Above and beyond the official sports offered by St Peter’s Girls, we embrace and support other options to cater for student and staff interest and expertise. Some of our most successful young athletes dominate pursuits such as gymnastics, archery and surfing. The School gives them solid backing by offering flexibility with academics and any additional support we can provide.