We headed off to Murraylands Aquatic Centre with the threat of extreme weather. On arrival we realised that the forecast was incorrect and the weather was going to be perfect for aquatics. The girls also realised what a beautiful setting we had for an amazing couple of days of challenges and accomplishments.

Everyone had the opportunity to learn how to handle a boat, sail a catamaran, knee board, kayak and ski on the River Murray. Constant sunscreen reminders could not dampen the girls’ spirits; with many girls achieving things they didn’t think were possible. A visit from Mr Lisle, with ice-creams in tow, was a welcome respite from the heat.

The evening was spent playing good old Aussie cricket, tip and go. After much laughter and some cracking shots, we were assembled for dinner. Once our bellies were full we got into our Home Groups and conducted a debrief of the day, participated in ‘getting to know you’ activities and played games. Everyone was exhausted after a day full of activities in the sun and we were all asleep by 10.30pm.

We woke up bright and early on Friday to begin The Rite Journey. After taking a pledge with their Home Group, the girls had breakfast and started their first activity at 8am. The day was packed of water-filled fun, until it was time to return to school. Many napped on the bus home – a sign of a great time.

“I absolutely loved all the activities but my favourites would have to be knee boarding and waterskiing; they were so much fun and everyone had a go even if they didn’t get it the first time. I hadn’t done either of them before so it was a new experience for me, and I would definitely like to do it again!” - Ella

“This was the best camp! I loved every second and everybody had a great time.” - Amelie 

“The camp was a great chance to bond with my Home Group.” - Matilda B

Emma Smerdon
on behalf of Year 9 Home Group teachers