I have always believed that the purpose of education is to help nurture and shape thriving young people, adept learners, and leaders for our ever-changing and challenging world. All students are capable of success when their personal and learning needs are supported. Such support facilitates both academic success and holistic development in preparation for their post-school journey.

Through my leadership, I will support our girls to challenge themselves by approaching their academic studies and personal ventures courageously. I will promote that our teaching and learning programs foster critical and creative thinking to ensure our girls are future-ready and make the absolute most of their time here. Our girls will live with compassion in their hearts and be stewards of empathy and service for this world.

I look forward to working with you all in partnership, supporting your daughters and advocating for their voice to ensure that their schooling journey truly shapes them into the women, lifelong learners and leaders they are to become.

Kate Morgante
Director of Teaching and Learning