Anna Meares Launches Our #EMPOWHER Wellbeing Program

St Peter's Girls' School is proud to unveil our new wellbeing program: #EMPOWHER

We were delighted to welcome cycling legend Anna Meares to Stonyfell this week to help launch the program.

Anna spoke to students from Years 6 to 12 and impressed upon us all how hard work, determination and planning can set you apart from the pack.

The curriculum that has been developed for #EMPOWHER is reflective of the specific needs of our girls. This data was secured through a comprehensive wellbeing survey which all girls completed last year. We have also considered national and international research on the health of young women.

The launch of #EMPOWHER is an exciting and important time for the School. We live in an environment where young people face a variety of issues that significantly impact on their overall wellbeing. The role of the School is to ensure our girls are provided with solid topical information across a range of areas. This base information must be accompanied with a variety of tools and strategies that the girls can use.

We look forward to delivering this vital program and empowering our girls to be happy and healthy individuals.

Have a listen as Anna shares her words of wisdom with our students:

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