To support our goal to build a new Gym, the School’s inaugural Giving Day was held on Thursday 14 April, coinciding with our Summer Interhouse sports carnival.

Thanks to our wonderful Saints Girls’ community, we were able to raise close to $100,000 from this campaign, doubled by our generous matchers. Congratulations in particular to Kilburn House, which generated the most donations on the day. Overall, we were delighted that more than 470 individual donors supported this campaign, which is a record number in Saints Girls’ fundraising history.

Our eager students led the charge by performing various physical and sporting All-Star Challenges to Move a Million Metres to help raise $1 million for a new Gym. Not only did they Move a Million Metres, they smashed their target, moving close to 3 million metres!

Thank you incredibly to everyone who donated to our Giving Day and this vital cause to lift Saints Girls and women in sport to even greater heights.