Stonyfell Room

Stand in nature; close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? What do you feel? Open your eyes; what do you see? Allowing ourselves to ‘be’ in nature not to just skim the surface but to really ‘be’ was a concept the Stonyfell children explored in dance this term. Bringing music into the park for the children allowed them to move with the trees, the wind and among the logs. They observed each other moving, danced together and continued to form a love towards nature and their world.

Bell Yett Room

This term, the Bell Yett friends experienced dance in a different way. We ventured into Ferguson Park to enjoy nature and ‘be’ in nature. Appreciating what Ferguson Park provides us, the Bell Yett friends choreographed a ‘Thank you’ dance for Ferguson Park. A beautiful way to acknowledge and give thanks to the park for letting us dance in there. Saying thank you for letting us dance on the dirt and grass, on the trees, with the trees, the sticks and the rocks. We are helping the children to appreciate all living things in the park and encouraging a beautiful relationship with the park.

Ferguson Room

Music can be found anywhere, you just need to know where to look and where to listen. This term, the Ferguson children went into Ferguson Park for dance. Dancing in and with nature the children embraced their connection to the park, using their surroundings to create music. Using sticks, rocks, the trees, logs and the dirt beneath their feet. The children composed unique sounds, their sounds and from those, music formed. With these sounds, a special piece of music was created. The children choreographed their own dance to this piece of music. Their movements were inspired by Ferguson Park.

Hallett Room

The wind rushes through the trees, children run, skip and dance underneath but one child stands there looking uncertain. Admitting she is scared, the child does not want to dance. It is not dancing that scares her, but the wind. The adult taking the child’s hand says, “Let me show you something,” they look up at the trees and the adult asks, “What is the wind doing with the trees?” The child stares up at the trees. Really thinking about the question, a few minutes go past and a small smile begins to form across her face. She turned to the adult, “The trees are dancing.” The child let the wind embrace her and she danced under the trees.

Allowing everything that surrounds you to encompass each part of one’s senses can be a mesmerising experience. This term, the Hallett children danced in Ferguson Park, embracing nature and discovery of what their world can provide them with. The children investigated the park and the sounds that not only the park naturally provided them with, but the sounds they could create themselves. As they made their sounds, the children began to ask questions, “What sound will the rock make if I drop it on the stick?” They investigated and explored their world and were asked, “Can we dance to the music we make?” This question led to an exploration of choreographing movement inspired by Ferguson Park and the music the children made.

Eva Simitsis

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