Generations in Jazz has been a highlight of our Music calendar for many years. Although our vocal ensemble Enchante has previously placed 1st in the Division 1 Small section, this year was set to be even more exciting, as it was to be their first appearance in the elite Division 1 Large section. Very few schools attempt this challenging division.

While it was disappointing for all that the Jazz festival needed to be cancelled, we decided to celebrate GIJ virtual-style! During the holidays, each member of Enchante recorded their part individually for both the set piece and our chosen piece. We then stitched the parts together to create two recordings, one of which includes video of each girl. This was a bigger than expected undertaking, and particular thanks go to David Goodwin, our talented accompanist, and now, recording expert and video editor! A shout out also to our talented soloists Emeshe Robson, Georgie Raftopoulos, Stella Rasheed and Choral Leader Izzy Norman; an extra special thank you to Izzy who showed outstanding leadership throughout the process.

‘Zemabia’ - chosen piece, composed by Kerry Marsh, directed by Sari Noble.


'Middle Ground' - set piece, composed by Gian Slater, directed by Sari Noble.