St Peter’s Girls’ ELC is a vibrant and unique early learning environment with a team of educators who have a deep understanding of the Reggio Emilia Educational Project, focusing on artistic and creative expression inspired by the ‘Hundred Languages’ theory.

The Hundred Languages is a key principle of the globally-renowned Reggio Emilia approach to early learning and refers to the importance of providing children with multiple ways to share their thinking of the world around them. It also represents the infinite amount of potential each child naturally has, and the various capacities children have to express their ideas and understandings. We know children learn in a variety of different ways, and by exposing them to many artistic and creative languages, we are extending and enriching their educational journey.

These languages stretch far beyond standard verbal and written communication, extending to acting, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, mark-making, the use of natural materials, loose parts, light and so much more.