Held on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 June, with over 500 visitors including grandparents, parents and special friends, this Junior School exhibition was electric!

This year’s theme was STEAM: a celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through the Arts. Each Junior School artist created an individual artwork that explored, connected or demonstrated an aspect of one or more of the STEM disciplines.

The artists encouraged the audience to view their artwork as a metaphor….

“Throughout the exhibition we encourage you to view Art as a ball of wool. Art (the wool) is the connector and the integrator.” – Maddy L.

“It winds in and around, wraps and intertwines and has been the vehicle behind all our projects.” – Stella R.

Exploring STEM in their art lessons each week promoted wonder, critique, inquiry, creativity and innovation. Art has a magical way of releasing students’ imaginations and opening their minds to new perspectives, identifying alternatives and solving problems in an experimental way. When creativity is provoked, encounters with the world become newly-informed and exciting connections are made in their own unique way.

“In Art, we learn about making things stronger and higher and sticking things together.” – Amy (Year 2)

“Art comes into a lot of things like Technology and Maths, because it gives you different ways to problem-solve.” –  Amelia (Year 6)

From our youngest artists’ exploration of texture and colour through microscopic photography, to laser cut Australian animals, magical sound sculptures, stop animation movies, digital illustrations, engineered flying birds and 3D printed flora, the exhibition was a feast for the senses, as well as a representation of Art as a meaningful platform for STEM learning.