Winter Cabaret – An Evening of Musical Entertainment

Last night, our music and dance talent put on an incredible show for a packed Arts Centre crowd during the 2017 Winter Cabaret. The atmosphere was electric as our choirs, ensembles, bands, soloists and SACE dancers blitzed the stage. It was a mammoth logistical undertaking with almost 200 girls from Years 3 – 12 taking part. Backstage was abuzz with a vibe of organised chaos as streams of girls donned in black flowed back and forth during frenetic set changes. On the stage, a variety of genres unfolded. A guest appearance by ABC Radio Host Eddie Bannon dressed in Saints Girls’ uniform left the crowd in stitches as he collaborated with our vocal quintet. Later, an air of inspiration swept the Arts Centre as trombone virtuoso Bob Johnson teamed up with our Stage Band to smash out the theme song from the Rocky films. At the end of the evening, our powerful Enchante singers joined acclaimed jazz choir Adelaide Connection for a rousing finale that received rapturous applause. There were so many highlights from each performance and many guests who attended were running out of superlatives to describe what they were witnessing from early on in the night. It is yet another example of the calibre of our Music program and the wider Performing Arts platform. When you add to that the passion and discipline of the students involved, it makes for a formidable and stunning combination. Nights like these don’t happen without a small village working feverishly in the background for many weeks and months. Saints Girls would like to thank the following:

> Special guests Eddie Bannon, Bob Johnson and Adelaide Connection directed by Lauren Henderson
> Rhythm Section – Robyn Habel, Dave Goodwin and Max Tulysewski
> Peter Howie and the Tech Crew
> Communications and Community Relations Team
> Property Services
> Dance Teacher Kate Burnett
> Our dedicated instrumental teachers
> Strings Coordinator Fiona Patten
> Arts Administrator Jeanne Philips
> Music Directors Sari Noble and Sally Rounsevell
> Middle School Arts and Music leaders
> Year 12 Music leadership team led by Music Captain Sarah B
> Friends of the Arts

And, most importantly, our dedicated and talented students.