‘RAW’ seemed like the perfect name for a performance night which aims to give all performers the opportunity to be themselves and connect with their inner-most emotions. The eight 2017 SACE Dance students have certainly worked hard, not only to learn steps, perfect difficult choreography and strive to improve, but also to connect authentically with each dance work. They have shared their own story, been vulnerable and accepted all the challenges I have provided them with. For a Dance Teacher and choreographer, it is always magical to see the visions in your head become an artistic reality on the stage, and this experience has certainly brought the magic to life.

Perhaps the greatest reward has been watching the SACE dancers grow as technicians, performers and individuals. The friendship they have found in one another is encouraging, supportive, honest and positive. In this past week, they have worked incredibly hard, not only as individuals but as a strong team. I am very proud of ‘RAW’ as a production. The collaboration between musicians and dancers and involvement of the Year 9 Drama students showcases the exceptional talent we have in The Arts at St Peter’s Girls.

Kate Burnett

Stage 1 and 2 Dance Teacher

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