• 201501 | Early Learners’ Centre

    The Early Learners Centre nurtures children to discover the unexpected, explore their senses and be part of a community of lifelong learners. An innovative, purpose-built expansion of the ELC was completed in January 2015. Through this redevelopment, ELC programs have increased and now feature a two-year old program. The design and architecture reflect the Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy of the ELC. A strong sense of belonging enables our young learners to thrive. Specially designed and flexible indoor and outdoor spaces give children opportunities to satisfy their natural curiosity, expand their knowledge and understanding, and connect with the world around them. Our team of quality educators ensure children get the best start in life and are also welcomed into the wider St Peter’s Girls’ School community.
  • 2016 October02 | Bell Yett Reserve & car park

    St Peter’s Girls has been working with the City of Burnside to maintain and develop Bell Yett Reserve, providing valuable resources for the School. The car park has been extended, providing an additional 49 off-street parking spaces to significantly ease congestion in the local area during peak times. Extra plants are being added to increase the biodiversity of the area and specially planned drainage models will work to harness rainfall and save precious resources. To formalise an existing understanding, the School and Council have negotiated an agreement where the Bell Yett courts and grassed areas can be used for training and matches, with the School granted exclusive use of these facilities at key times throughout the week.
  • 2016 December03 | High speed network services

    Exceptional network services are essential to support the increasing use of online learning technologies. At the beginning of 2016 we joined AARNet, Australia’s Academic and Research Network service. St Peter’s Girls now has access to the highest standard network services platform. Our 1Gigabit fibre connection provides students and staff with unlimited and unparalleled access to state-of-the-art technology. These services enable students to collaborate, using cutting edge research and learning resources. The School is now be able to leverage network capabilities that provide innovative solutions for data storage and sharing, video conferencing, highly advanced resources and more.
  • 2017 July04 | Middle School

    Our Middle School spanning Years 7 – 9 features an engaging learning program that provides for the specific academic needs of adolescent girls, as well as their expanding and developing social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual domains. To provide students with flexible spaces for learning and collaboration, the Middle School has relocated from the top of the Main Building to the Centenary Wing. This space has been transformed into a central, open learning hub. Features include retractable walls, breakout areas and an abundance of natural light and transparency between rooms. With views across Ferguson Park, as well as direct access to the oval, students are being inspired to explore, engage and extend their minds.
  • 2017 December05 | Library

    Libraries of the future must be dynamic spaces, rich in technology, that provide flexible solutions for research and study. The environment should harness the power of learning, seamlessly blending physical and digital resources. The Library will move to the top of the Main Building, providing a physical link between Middle and Senior Schools. As the academic heart of the School, the Library will showcase a fluid design, accommodating the needs of individuals, small groups and whole classes. The space will adapt as required to suit a variety of approaches to teaching and learning. The Library will also facilitate global connectivity, with access to innovative electronic resources across a variety of platforms, as well as a balance of engaging print materials.
  • From 201806 | Science

    The study of science, in all its forms, should seamlessly integrate theory and practice. To bring problem-solving and critical thinking to the fore, a new Science Centre will be built, featuring 7 Science laboratories, a large preparation area, and breakout and collaboration spaces. This remarkable project will also result in a doubling of our Visual Arts floor space, a new Junior School Art hub and upgraded pool facilities.The project will cement Saints Girls as a national leader in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), allowing the next generation of students to experiment, explore and excel.
  • To come07 | North West Build

    The build will feature two multipurpose indoor courts, spectator platform, modern fitness room, weights room, movement studio, music rooms, drama space, general learning classrooms, café, changerooms and 36 underground carparks with 8 repurposed bus car parks. The North West Build represents a significant step forward in our School’s history. The plans are currently with Burnside Council as required for approval, and we are looking at commencing the build in the second half of 2024, to coincide with celebrations of our School’s 130th year.