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St Peter's Girls publishes the ELC newsletter for parents and friends of the Saints Girls' ELC community every fortnight during the term. It contains the latest information about what has been happening at the ELC.

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ELC News – Week 6, Term 2 2023

June 1, 2023
Dear Families Welcome to Reconciliation Week. Reconciliation Australia states that ‘National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn ab...

ELC News – Week 4, Term 2 2023

May 18, 2023
Dear Families Our Mothers and Treasured Friends’ Afternoon tea was a wonderful way to celebrate important people in the children’s lives. There was an a...

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ELC News – Week 2, Term 2 2023

May 4, 2023
Dear Families We are thrilled to welcome you back to what is shaping up to be a busy and exciting term in the ELC. It was wonderful to hear about our Vacation C...

ELC News – Week 10, Term 1 2023

April 5, 2023
Dear Families What a wonderful Term 1 we have had at St Peter’s Girls’ ELC, full of rich learning opportunities. The unit of inquiry across the Centre h...

ELC News – Week 8, Term 1 2023

March 22, 2023
Dear Families You may have noticed exciting developments happening across the Centre. Our new Atelier space is under construction, the Stonyfell Room veranda is...

ELC News – Week 6, Term 1 2023

March 9, 2023
Dear Families It is hard to believe that we are already in the second half of Term 1. In the past couple of weeks, it has been exciting to watch the learning ac...