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St Peter's Girls publishes the ELC newsletter for parents and friends of the Saints Girls' ELC community every fortnight during the term. It contains the latest information about what has been happening at the ELC.

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ELC News – Week 8, Term 4 2023

December 5, 2023
Dear Families, It has been so wonderful in recent weeks to watch the preparations for our ELC End of Year Celebration and the children singing and dancing. Ther...

ELC News – Week 6, Term 4 2023

November 22, 2023
Dear Families This week has been filled with excitement as the children decorated our Christmas tree with our Friends of ELC. This was a wonderful way to celebr...

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ELC News – Week 4, Term 4 2023

November 8, 2023
Dear Families On Saturday we had our School Tour. This is such a wonderful occasion as it provides the opportunity to showcase the St Peter’s Girls’ ELC and...

ELC News – Week 2, Term 4 2023

October 24, 2023
Dear Families Our ELC is thrilled to welcome children and families back for the final term of the school year. We are excited about the ELC End of Year Celebrat...

ELC News – Week 10, Term 3 2023

September 26, 2023
Dear Families It was wonderful to officially open our new Atelier this term with a special event for families, giving value to the ‘Hundred Languages’ as a ...

ELC News – Week 8, Term 3 2023

September 12, 2023
Dear Families I hope you’re enjoying the warm change in the weather. It’s a wonderful time to be out in Ferguson Park and the ELC Community Garden. Both env...