Headstart Program

Our Headstart program supports our girls as they embark on their final years of schooling, providing a structured introduction to Year 11 and 12 subjects at the end of Term 4.

Headstart facilitates a smooth transition into the following year’s studies by providing a clear introduction of what is expected in each subject. The program ensures students are ready to take each subject head on right from the start of the new school year.

Year 11 Program

Year 10 girls undertake a one-week program to prepare for their SACE or IB studies. Students are introduced to the requirements of each of their subject choices and also participate in a range of leadership and study skills sessions.

Headstart gives our girls exactly that as they approach the final years of their schooling lives.

Year 12 Program

Year 11 students participate in a two-week program with experienced Year 12 teachers who discuss course outlines, content and assessment tasks for each subject. Students typically complete three double sessions for each subject.

The program also assists students to affirm their subject choices, minimising subject changes at the beginning of the school year.

Another Headstart highlight is a range of team building activities to develop connections with peers and leadership skills.