Future Direction

As St Peter’s Girls nears 125 years of excellence in education, we reflect on the past to celebrate our achievements and look to the future to build on our success.

Master Plan

Our School is renowned for first-class teachers, resources and facilities nestled on a rare site encased by the natural beauty of Ferguson Conservation Park. Our students can ponder a maths problem under the relaxed gaze of a koala or read a book amidst the tranquil chirps of parrots and other stunning birdlife. At Saints Girls, it is one of our aims to preserve and enhance our ability to enjoy our unique surrounds while ensuring our classrooms, buildings and grounds provide the best learning environment for our students.

Following a comprehensive review of facilities, the School’s Master Plan, The Next Challenge: Building for Tomorrow, was launched in July 2015. It features a series of projects to reinvigorate our key learning areas, delivering fresh, modern and adaptable spaces that nurture curiosity, inspire creativity and engage the learners of tomorrow.

Already, the School has achieved many milestones, including the recent opening of our new Middle School and Library. The next chapter is just as exciting, showing why there has never been a better time to be at Saints Girls.

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Strategic Plan

St Peter’s Girls has established a firm strategic framework to guide the School as we approach our 125th anniversary.

Our Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2019, entitled A New Vision – Towards 125, details initiatives across seven integral elements: Academics, Wellbeing, Staff, Co-Curricular, Spaces and Places, Community and Organisational Sustainability.

This holistic approach to forward planning will see Saints Girls cement its reputation as a national leader in girls’ education while honouring the legacy of our pioneering Sisters.

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Board of Governors

St Peter’s Collegiate Girls’ School Inc is registered as an incorporated Association under the Associations Incorporation Act.

The Association is established to:

  • administer, carry on and conduct as principal manager agent or otherwise residential and day schools in the State of South Australia and without prejudice to the generality thereof, to act as manager of the school known as St Peter’s Collegiate Girls’ School, Stonyfell Road, Stonyfell.
  • provide education which shall include religious education in conformity with the principles of the Anglican Church of Australia supported by an ethos and culture of enduring values, pastoral care and mutual support in the tradition of the founding Sisters and underpinned by the Association’s Anglican identity.

St Peter’s Girls is governed by an independent board operating under world’s best practice governance principles for educational institutions. The Board acts as the steward of the School and is responsible for the good governance of the organisation. It provides leadership, sets strategic directions and fosters long-term financial sustainability. The Board promotes and practises ethical, informed and transparent decision-making.

To see our current Board of Governors, visit our Leadership page.

Correspondence for the Board can be sent to admin@stpetersgirls.sa.edu.au

School Performance Report

As part of our funding agreement with the Australian Government, we are required to ensure that specific “School Performance Information” is made publicly available to the School community. Please find the latest edition here:

School Performance Report 2017