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Congratulations to our Year 12 students

We are thrilled to share final results from Year 12 class of 2016.

• 18.5% of students in top 1% nationally
• 48.2% of students in top 5% nationally


Scholarship applications for 2018 entry are now open.

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Our Middle School offers a dynamic and diverse curriculum designed to extend your daughter’s abilities and quip her with a wide range of knowledge and skills.

While all students continue fundamental studies in core learning areas, they are also provided with a broader range of subjects to choose from, including languages, the Arts and Humanities.

Students also take part in Guided Inquiry, which is an approach to learning whereby students find and use a variety of sources of information and ideas to increase their understanding of a problem, topic or issue. Students are encouraged to investigate, explore, search, question and research in order to attain new knowledge. Areas of focus are Environmental Science and Maths, and English and Humanities. A key component of Guided Inquiry is to inspire students to gain deeper understandings, engage in higher order thinking, and develop their creative abilities.

Several special programs are also unique to our Middle School, including the Futures Program for Years 7-8 students and The Rite Journey for Year 9.

> Middle School Curriculum Handbook 2017

Tutor Program

The Tutor Program is a free service provided to Years 7 – 12 students. The purpose of the program is to nurture positive study habits, while supporting students to understand their classroom learning and consolidate their knowledge. The aim is for students to become successful and independent learners, who approach their studies with confidence.

This is a highly flexible program that students can use at any time. Whether your daughter needs some extra assistance in a specific subject area, or with a current project or assignment, our team of tutors can help.

Our tutors are all recent Old Scholars, who know the demands of being a student. These Old Scholars are some of our best and brightest graduates, who have excelled in their studies and are currently either pursuing rigorous tertiary studies or exciting career paths.

This program supports our students as they navigate the complexities of their  studies.

Futures Program

Students in Years 7 and 8 take part in the Futures Program, which allows them to undertake a project in a specific area of interest.

These areas are drama, dance, studies in food, digital photography, creative writing, community problem solving and textiles, to name a few. This program allows students to devise their own learning plan, and to develop independence and creativity in their learning. We also offer academic and netball talent development courses through the Futures Program.

The Rite Journey

The Rite Journey is a special program for Year 9 students and their Home Group teachers. Students are given time for personal growth, to build resilience and have open and honest discussions that will be invaluable as they make the journey from adolescence to being a ‘beginning adult’.

This year-long program has been designed by the School in conjunction with internationally renowned experts. Using a ‘Rites of Passage’ approach, students will be encouraged to examine their own values, how they react and influence others, and discuss what it means to become a responsible, values-driven adult.

By thinking deeply about their core values, the girls can make decisions about the type of person they want to be. The Rite Journey allows this process, whilst helping our girls prepare for the many difficult decisions that they will have to make as they progress through their later teen years and into adulthood.

The Home Group teacher takes a central and pivotal role in this course, spending up to three dedicated sessions a week with their students, as well as residential experiences at different times of the year. The year-long program is punctuated by ceremonies and challenges, including a week-long camp and an overnight ‘solo’ camping experience.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is implemented in a variety of ways across St Peter’s Girls and provides guidance to ensure that students are individually valued and supported. Formal and informal activities develop their social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing. An understanding of the importance of developing compassion for others underpins all aspects of the girls’ learning.

Our regular Chapel Services help to foster strong sense of community while providing essential space for spiritual reflection. We are privileged to have a Chapel that seats the whole school and where, every week the community is brought together to share, celebrate, reflect and pray.

The Middle School pastoral care program develops positive social interaction, teamwork and collaboration. These are vital skills for young people to learn so they can successfully navigate the challenges of adolescence. Home Group teachers assist the students in their class on this personal journey and are the first point of contact for all pastoral care issues. The pastoral care messages presented to the girls include encouragement to value themselves as individuals and to engage in healthy relationships at school and online. The Health program provides opportunities to address issues of concern for young women today and workshops with Enlighten Education encourage them to learn to ‘love the skin they are in’. The students participate in community service programs, residential and outdoor education camps, co-educational opportunities for curriculum based activities and social functions.


We recognise that the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is ever increasing. The wide use of ICT is integrated into student learning and inquiry.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is integrated across the Middle School and is used as a powerful tool for learning. In Years 7 and 8, students have their own iPads, while Year 9 students each have their own laptop.

Engagement with digital technologies represents further advancement of e-learning. Personal access to these technologies provides immediacy of information and is student-centred and engaging.

ICT technologies do not replace, but rather complement existing teaching methods and best practice. With connections to the digital world, students can engage with the information, or communicate ideas at their own pace and state of readiness via a range of media beyond the traditional print and spoken domains.


St Peter’s Girls’ School features an inspiring and entertaining Arts community. From curriculum based learning in Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts, to a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, girls are encouraged to create, engage and imagine through the Arts.

When young people engage in an Arts education they become imaginative and flexible thinkers, developing lateral problem solving processes and learning to see things from a range of different perspectives. The Arts is critical to the development of confidence and students’ sense of identity and self-worth.

Our students have the opportunity to participate in a structured, systematic program which includes creating, making and presenting a variety of artworks. Through participation in ensembles, choirs, productions, exhibitions, performance, workshops, theatre attendance, critical analysis and discussion, visiting artists, choral celebrations, individual and group tuition, practice, competition and showcase, the Arts builds and shapes our students, and impacts the wider Saints community.

Students can also access the Saints Performing Arts Academy, which regularly hosts workshops for budding artists. SPAA, as it is affectionately known, is an academy of excellence in the Arts. It is open to all young Adelaide performers from Years 6 – 11, and offers expert tuition in Dance, Drama and Music by some of the city’s best professionals.

Other Co-Curricular Programs

St Peter’s Girls’ School has an extensive, balanced and comprehensive co-curricular and extra-curricular program that builds the community life of the School and enriches and extends our curriculum and classroom offerings.

Middle School students are encouraged to play sport, engage in Arts activities and get involved in debating, public speaking, student leadership opportunities and student clubs. A range of academic competitions are also available to students.

Involvement in the co-curricular program is strongly encouraged and contributes significantly to the personal development and self-esteem of individual students, as well as enriching and building the community life of the School.

Our Voice

  • I love the small community and great teachers who care not only about their students’ grades, but also well-being and inclusivity for all.

    Eloise, Year 11

  • As a learner, I want to know more

    Gabriella, Year 12

  • Even though we have to get up early, I love rowing. Competing at the Head of the River made all the hard work worthwhile.

    Sophia, Year 10

  • I really like how when you walk down the main corridor, everyone says hi, including the teachers.

    Tegan, Year 6

  • Things I love about Saints? Non-judgemental, strives for excellence, wonderful opportunities, great teachers, international and multicultural.

    Klea, Year 11

  • The girls and the teachers are so friendly to be around and you can always get help from anyone in the class.

    Dimity, Year 8

  • The St Peter’s Girls’ ELC gives my daughter a place to be herself and explore her world in an environment she feels safe in and is immensely proud of.

    Current Parent

  • Everyone is supportive and it is a great School. I have been here all my life.

    Ebony, Year 8

  • I have always admired the passion the School has for developing girls who are well-rounded in all aspects of their academic, sporting and personal life.

    Current Parent

  • I love the girls and the friendly atmosphere. Everyone is really nice and caring. I love being able to come to School and talk to girls from all year levels.

    Emma, Year 8

  • Good results come from hard work, commitment (on both the teacher’s and students’ behalf) and the establishment of positive relationships between the teacher and the students. Mutual understanding and respect are key.

    Anne, Teacher