Programs and Curriculum

Congratulations to our Year 12 students

We are thrilled to share final results from Year 12 class of 2016.

• 18.5% of students in top 1% nationally
• 48.2% of students in top 5% nationally


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The Junior School curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the new Australian Curriculum.

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. This philosophy encourages students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

All students complete six units of inquiry throughout the year and during their learning they are encouraged to become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.

Central to the philosophy of the PYP is the principle that purposeful structured inquiry is a powerful vehicle for learning that promotes meaning and understanding, and challenges students to engage with significant ideas. The PYP learning framework is committed to a concept driven curriculum as a means to supporting inquiry learning.

In the PYP, it is also believed that education must extend beyond the intellectual to include not only socially responsible attitudes, but also thoughtful and appropriate action. It is expected that classroom inquiry will lead to responsible action, initiated by the student as a result of the learning process.

Specialist teacher programs

Specialist teacher programs enrich and extend the learning programs at all year levels. These programs may be taught as stand-alone programs or planned to link into the year level inquiry units.

Additional lessons include Languages, Music, Visual Art, Guided Inquiry and Research and Physical Education. Specialist teachers work with students for these classes.

Our Intensive Languages program follows a successful research project conducted by the University of South Australia. Students can elect to study Chinese or French from Reception. By experiencing more frequent lessons, students improve their cognitive skills, develop high levels of proficiency and transfer their learning to other disciplines.

Students also take part in a religious education program, which aims to build a connection between worship and education. Students can connect issues of faith to those of life and your daughter is encouraged to develop her own understandings.

The Library program is another integral part of the curriculum in our Junior School. It provides a dynamic, inviting environment that encourages research and a love of literature. Our Guided Inquiry Program helps students explore and discover.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is implemented in a variety of ways across St Peter’s Girls and provides guidance to ensure that students are individually valued and supported. Formal and informal activities develop their social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing. An understanding of the importance of developing compassion for others underpins all aspects of the girls’ learning.

Our regular Chapel Services help to foster strong sense of community while providing essential space for spiritual reflection. We are privileged to have a Chapel that seats the whole school and where, every week the community is brought together to share, celebrate, reflect and pray.

The Junior School pastoral care program centres on the Program Achieve: You Can Do It education program. This program assists primary school age children to achieve to the best of their ability and to maximise social-emotional and behavioural well-being. The program develops four key competencies: confidence, getting along skills, organisation, and persistence. Activities from the program are integrated into each year level’s education program by their class teacher. Through participation in the program, the class teacher supports the students to build resilience, coping and problem solving skills. Class teachers monitor the well-being of students in their class and all pastoral care issues can be directed to them for management. Additionally, Year 4 and 6 students participate in the Healthy Peer Relationship program with the School Counsellor and class teachers.

This program addresses relational aggression and challenges our students to create a social climate amongst their peers that is inclusive and respectful for all. A social skills program is also offered to invited students after school. This program is designed to teach children to think socially and improve their interactions with others. Workshops for parents are also offered in order to support our young families. Many other learning experiences provide opportunities for pastoral care and personal development. Such activities include combined year level dances, camps and interstate trips to Sovereign Hill and Canberra. Lunchtime clubs provide opportunities for peer leadership and support.

KidsHQ, led by Year 6 Service Leaders, and Artists’ Zone, led by Year 9 Service Leaders offer fun activities at lunchtime for girls in Years 2 to 6 and promote friendships across year levels. Events involving the wider school community, including Grandparents’ Day, Arts Alive, Book Week Presentation, PYP Sharing, Assemblies, Music evenings and concerts reinforce our message that each girl is special and has a range of skills, abilities and talents to celebrate with others.


We recognise that the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is ever increasing. The wide use of ICT is integrated into student learning and inquiry. Your daughter will have access to computers, laptops and iPads. We believe and ensure that ICT tools should be used with integrity, and we place attention on the critical evaluation of information gained through their use.

Years 5 and 6 students each have personal iPads, as part of the 1to1 Technology Program. iPads and laptops are also available for daily use in our Reception to Year 4 classrooms.

The Library program is another integral part of the PYP at all year levels in our Junior School. It provides a dynamic, inviting environment that encourages research and a love of literature. Our Guided Inquiry Program helps students explore and discover.


St Peter’s Girls’ School features an inspiring and entertaining Arts community. From curriculum based learning in Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts, to a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, girls are encouraged to create, engage and imagine through the Arts.

When young people engage in an Arts education they become imaginative and flexible thinkers, developing lateral problem solving processes and learning to see things from a range of different perspectives. The Arts is critical to the development of confidence and students’ sense of identity and self-worth.

Our students have the opportunity to participate in a structured, systematic program which includes creating, making and presenting a variety of artworks. Through participation in ensembles, choirs, productions, exhibitions, performance, workshops, theatre attendance, critical analysis and discussion, visiting artists, choral celebrations, individual and group tuition, practice, competition and showcase, the Arts builds and shapes our students, and impacts the wider Saints community.

Students can also access the Saints Performing Arts Academy, which regularly hosts workshops for budding artists. SPAA, as it is affectionately known, is an academy of excellence in the Arts. It is open to all young Adelaide performers from Years 6 – 11, and offers expert tuition in Dance, Drama and Music by some of the city’s best professionals.

Other Co-Curricular Programs

St Peter’s Girls’ School has an extensive, balanced and comprehensive co-curricular and extra-curricular program that builds the community life of the School and enriches and extends our curriculum and classroom offerings.

These programs include a range of sporting, musical, cultural, team, performance, physical and creative opportunities beyond the classroom. These programs allow for the development of a broad range of skills, including team work, leadership, organisation, persistence, time management, social skills, self-esteem and a broadening of confidence and skills beyond the classroom.

Co-curricular opportunities include year level camps, inter-school sport, performance and choral opportunities, off campus land-care and tree-planting projects, debating, public speaking, poetry recital competitions and swimming.

Extra-curricular opportunities include those activities that incur a fee each term. These include Junior School dance, drama, gymnastics, individual music, instrumental and voice lessons.

Many opportunities exist for our students to socialise, learn and compete with boys and students from other schools. These include debating, chess, public speaking, dance, music festival, student leadership days and social events.

Our Voice

  • I love the small community and great teachers who care not only about their students’ grades, but also well-being and inclusivity for all.

    Eloise, Year 11

  • As a learner, I want to know more

    Gabriella, Year 12

  • Even though we have to get up early, I love rowing. Competing at the Head of the River made all the hard work worthwhile.

    Sophia, Year 10

  • I really like how when you walk down the main corridor, everyone says hi, including the teachers.

    Tegan, Year 6

  • Things I love about Saints? Non-judgemental, strives for excellence, wonderful opportunities, great teachers, international and multicultural.

    Klea, Year 11

  • The girls and the teachers are so friendly to be around and you can always get help from anyone in the class.

    Dimity, Year 8

  • The St Peter’s Girls’ ELC gives my daughter a place to be herself and explore her world in an environment she feels safe in and is immensely proud of.

    Current Parent

  • Everyone is supportive and it is a great School. I have been here all my life.

    Ebony, Year 8

  • I have always admired the passion the School has for developing girls who are well-rounded in all aspects of their academic, sporting and personal life.

    Current Parent

  • I love the girls and the friendly atmosphere. Everyone is really nice and caring. I love being able to come to School and talk to girls from all year levels.

    Emma, Year 8

  • Good results come from hard work, commitment (on both the teacher’s and students’ behalf) and the establishment of positive relationships between the teacher and the students. Mutual understanding and respect are key.

    Anne, Teacher