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Congratulations to our Year 12 students

We are thrilled to share final results from Year 12 class of 2016.

• 18.5% of students in top 1% nationally
• 48.2% of students in top 5% nationally


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One of the key principles of St Peter’s Girls’ School is that we are not just educating our students to pass examinations but to develop our graduates to the extent that they leave as forthright, independent young women who are prepared to participate in and engage with, the world outside School.

Creating global citizens

The Global Academy aims to build a culture of capability whereby the students will be encouraged to make a difference in their world and not be bystanders.
The program allows our students to not only learn about the world, but also experience it and apply the knowledge learned to their interactions with others.

The three sections of the Global Academy include:

The Global Action Program

This program formalizes and encourages student involvement in charities and not-for-profit organisations on a local, national and international level. It begins with Units of Inquiry in Year 6 and is developed through the Futures Entrepreneurial Program in Years 7 and 8. All students in Middle and Senior School are involved in the development of relationships with their House Charity.

The Global Curriculum

As an IB PYP and Diploma School, and with International Mindedness and Connectivity central to the Middle School Curriculum Framework, we are committed to placing all learning in its global context and to enriching the curriculum by making international links that promote intercultural and global understanding.

The Global Experience Program

Our aim is to offer all students the opportunity of an overseas experience during their time at St Peter’s Girls’ School. This currently occurs in one of 3 ways:

  • providing students in Years 9 and 10 with the opportunity to spend time in one of our ‘sister’ schools around the world as part of our ‘homestay’ exchange program.
  • Service learning trips for year11 and 12 students to Cambodia
  • Study trips to Europe and Japan
  • Overseas Sporting and Music tours
  • Current Overseas Exchange Opportunities

    Our Global Exchange program aims to foster a deep understanding of and appreciation for cultures and peoples around the world. It provides the opportunity for St Peter’s Girls’ students to come into contact with a range of opinions, experiences and backgrounds. It helps our students learn about the complexities and interconnectedness of the global society in which we live whilst allowing them to compare their own culture with that of another country. Importantly, our exchange program gives our students a chance to discover more about themselves and appreciate their place in this world in a way that can only be achieved by stepping outside of their comfort zones.

    Canada – a 5 or 6 week Homestay exchange at Miss Edgar and Miss Cramp’s School, Montreal. Open to Year 9 students studying French as a Foreign Language.

    Japan – a 3 week homestay exchange for students studying Japanese in Years 8-12 at Senzoku Gakuen Girls’ School, Kawasaki, near Tokyo.

    UK – a 3 week exchange at Sherborne Girls’ School, Dorset, UK. Our students stay in the Boarding House, in the January holidays immediately preceding Year 10.

    USA – a 2 week homestay exchange for Year 10 students at Hewitt Girls School, located in the Upper East Side of NYC during the break between Terms 3 and 4.

    USA – a 4 week homestay exchange for Year 10 students in January/February at Kent Place School, Summit, New Jersey, about an hour west of New York City.

    Current Overseas Study Tour Opportunities

    In April 2017 (and then every two years) students in Years 9 – 11 have the opportunity to travel to Europe for three weeks. The itinerary takes in historical sites in London and Paris, as well as the Palace of Versailles. Students then spend three days visiting World War I battlefields and memorials, as well as experiencing the Last Post Ceremony under the Menin Gate. They then travel to Berlin, Munich and Dachau where they visit sites related to World War II.

    This annual joint service/volunteer trip with Prince Alfred’s College sees students building houses with ‘Habitat for Humanity’ and volunteering in a local orphanage. Students also get to immerse themselves in Cambodian culture, and visit historically significant sites. It is open to Year 11 students and forms an important part of the IB Diploma Creativity, Action and Service component.

    Cambodia Global Academy

    What people are saying about the Global Exchange Program

    Matthew Van Etten, the visiting teacher from Tokyo is clear on the benefits for the Japanese students:

    “Seeing the world from a different perspective is often one of major goals of language learners. The opportunity to actually live that perspective is one few people have, and therefore part of why Senzoku Gakuen feels it is necessary to make it possible for our students to do just that.

    As a Japanese Girls school, Senzoku strives to provide its students with the ability to find possibility in anything they do. Studying abroad, even for a short time, can have such a lasting impact on each individual, but when done in a mutually beneficial partnership between schools, has a lasting impact on the entire school community. In the end, that is the entire point of an exchange, bringing schools and families from very different backgrounds one small step closer.”

    Our Voice

    • I love the small community and great teachers who care not only about their students’ grades, but also well-being and inclusivity for all.

      Eloise, Year 11

    • As a learner, I want to know more

      Gabriella, Year 12

    • Even though we have to get up early, I love rowing. Competing at the Head of the River made all the hard work worthwhile.

      Sophia, Year 10

    • I really like how when you walk down the main corridor, everyone says hi, including the teachers.

      Tegan, Year 6

    • Things I love about Saints? Non-judgemental, strives for excellence, wonderful opportunities, great teachers, international and multicultural.

      Klea, Year 11

    • The girls and the teachers are so friendly to be around and you can always get help from anyone in the class.

      Dimity, Year 8

    • The St Peter’s Girls’ ELC gives my daughter a place to be herself and explore her world in an environment she feels safe in and is immensely proud of.

      Current Parent

    • Everyone is supportive and it is a great School. I have been here all my life.

      Ebony, Year 8

    • I have always admired the passion the School has for developing girls who are well-rounded in all aspects of their academic, sporting and personal life.

      Current Parent

    • I love the girls and the friendly atmosphere. Everyone is really nice and caring. I love being able to come to School and talk to girls from all year levels.

      Emma, Year 8

    • Good results come from hard work, commitment (on both the teacher’s and students’ behalf) and the establishment of positive relationships between the teacher and the students. Mutual understanding and respect are key.

      Anne, Teacher