Issue no. 26 | 29 August 2014 From the Director of Early Learning We are in the midst of a very exciting phase in the history of the Early Learners’ Centre. The centre’s expansion has begun and the scene is set for the new foundations to be poured. The excitement builds each day as our young learners, […]

Issue no. 11 | 11 April 2014 From the Principal As the term draws to a close, it is timely to update you on a number of initiatives in relation to the School’s Strategic Plan. On this occasion I will focus on those goals which have an emphasis on technology, given the School’s commitment to […]

Issue no. 25 | 21 August 2014 From the Principal As teachers we are fortunate to experience those ‘wow’ moments – those moments where you sit back in awe and marvel at what your students have achieved. Last Saturday I experienced one of those moments. The Music Festival of the Sisters of the Church culminated in a […]

Edition 2 – August 2014   Saints Girls Ergo For Cancer On Wednesday 6 August, members of the Saints Rowing squad visited Prince Alfred College to row in the Ergo for Cancer event. This was an indoor rowing fundraiser organised by members of PAC’s rowing squad. Participants aimed to set a new Guinness World Record of the […]

Issue no. 24 | 15 August 2014 From the Chaplain A Shared Spirit “Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit.” – Henry David Thoreau What better way, then, to celebrate and sustain the shared spirit of the schools founded by the Community of […]

Issue no. 23 | 8 August 2014 From the Head of Junior School Starting School – the important role that parents play At the commencement of the school term, we welcomed our newest Mid-Year Reception students. This class of students joins an ever increasing number of students moving from our Early Learners’ Centre into our Reception classes. The […]

Issue no. 22 | 1 August 2014 From the IB Coordinator IB Diploma – the journey continues As I write this article, our current Year 12 IB students are edging closer to the completion of their Diploma, and within a few months, the journey they commenced nearly two years ago will end. This cohort will be our first […]

Issue no. 21 | 25 July 2014   From the Principal Welcome back to Term 3. I hope that you all enjoyed a peaceful break with your girls and are ready for what will be a very busy term. Sadly, the last week of the holidays will be remembered for the tragedy that struck flight […]

Edition 1 – July 2014   Welcome Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Rowing Review. This newsletter will be published regularly to the school community with a particular focus on keeping you  informed of upcoming events. It will be one of the methods for celebrating and recognising all the achievements of Saints Rowing throughout […]

Issue no. 20 | 27 June 2014 From the Principal When I meet with parents at our School Tours and at enrolment interviews, I will often ask them what they consider to be the most important things that they want a School to provide for their daughter. Almost unanimously, top of their list is the […]

Issue no. 19 | 20 June 2014 From the Principal Term 2 is now quickly coming to an end, and students have recently enjoyed ‘creative’ sessions in the Year 9 Activity Week with peers from St Peter’s College and Walford, the Year 4 students have returned safely from camp, and examinations and assessments have been […]

Issue no. 18 | 13 June 2014 From the Head of Senior School It is that time of the year where Senior School students undertake examinations as they complete Semester 1. Students often question the purpose of formal examinations. However, exams really have an important role in the process of learning and in the whole […]

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