Congratulations to our Year 12 students

We are thrilled to share final results from Year 12 class of 2016.

• 18.5% of students in top 1% nationally
• 48.2% of students in top 5% nationally


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Welcome to our new Middle School!

Nature, creativity and space – these are the hallmarks of our new Middle School which has just opened at St Peter’s Girls.

The state-of-the-art facility is an inspirational learning environment for our Years 7 – 9 students as they advance towards their senior schooling.

Features include an abundance of natural light and transparency between rooms, retractable walls and breakout areas. The new hub also boasts stunning views across Ferguson Conservation Park and has an inviting deck area overlooking the oval.

Our girls have already given the new Middle School top marks; to experience it for yourself, book a School Tour today.


The launch of our new Middle School marks yet another significant milestone in our Master Plan which is further cementing St Peter’s Girls as a national leader in all-girls’ education.

Since 2015, we’ve completed a series of projects which have reinvigorated our key learning areas by delivering fresh, modern and adaptable spaces that nurture curiosity, inspire creativity and engage the learners of tomorrow.

Our achievements so far:

  • Early Learners’ Centre extension
  • Bell Yett Reserve upgrade with car park expansion
  • Roll-out of high-speed network services

Our next steps:

  • New Resource Centre
  • Upgraded Science Laboratories
  • Gymnasium expansion

For our students, the future is looking brighter than ever, showing why there’s never been a better time to be at Saint Girls.


24 July 2017
until our students enter our new Middle School for the very first time! It’s shaping up to be a landmark term at Saints Girls, have a look at our sneak peek video above.

View our Master Plan design and features

13 July 2017
The countdown is well and truly on! Months of hard work are appearing as the building comes to life. Staff and students can’t wait to see and experience the new Middle School in Term 3.

MS FB 2!

17 June 2017
A complex milestone was achieved when construction crews installed the entrance canopy to the new Middle School.

MS test 2

It was a delicate operation to crane the structure into place with little margin for error.
The lift itself only took a matter of minutes but the preparation was extensive, as was the follow-up work to safely secure the canopy.


2 June 2017
On Saturday morning, a large crane was brought in to install the walls of the lift shaft. The floor joists supporting the timber decking are also coming together and the new canopy has arrived – as seen in the top right image.


12 May 2017
Construction is moving along well at the building site, with structural columns and beams in place. Work has begun on closing in the walls and the lift pit walls have been poured ready for the pre-cast panels. Electrical pre-wiring services are well underway and nearing completion. There are exciting times ahead as we start to see significant changes within the interior of the new Middle School.

5 May 2017
The builders have been busy over the holiday break. The deck joining the new Middle School to the oval has started to appear and the hole for the lift well has been excavated. Internally you can now see where the classrooms and break out spaces will be positioned, with the classrooms in the south-east corner having stunning outlooks given the magnificent views over both Ferguson Park and the oval. All the furniture and IT equipment has been ordered and we remain on track for the new facility to open at the start of Term 3 this year.


12 April 2017
There have been significant developments in the past couple of weeks at the building site, with the new classroom areas starting to take shape. Work has begun on the new Middle School entrance, with a walkway leading to the Stott Wing and a new lift. Early excavation of the lift shaft has also commenced, and the unique angles of the timber decking are now visible.

24 March 2017
Work on the eastern decking continued this week. The external stormwater works are almost completed, with the remainder to be finished over the school holidays. Next week the installation of the air-conditioning will begin, as well as the measuring and fabrication of aluminium windows.

10 March 2017
The external areas of the construction zone have been a hive of activity this week. A large amount of soil was removed to make way for the new timber decking. Next week focus will be turned to the internal areas of the building whilst external works will include brickwork and the concrete component of the timber decking.

24 February 2017
It is pleasing to report that the deconstruction phase of the Master Plan is almost complete. This will lead to a decrease in jack-hammering, saw-cutting and concrete-cutting that was the source of a significant amount of noise. The old staircase was removed to make way for a new lift shaft and stairs. The four large windows were removed to make way for new ones.

17 February 2017
It is pleasing to be able to report that the demolition phase is progressing well, and overall the project is running to schedule. In exciting news for the Junior School students, the finishing touches are being put on the new playground on the oval.

Master Plan Progress Photos
25 January 2017

Our Master Plan upgrades are running on schedule, with significant works undertaken during the summer break. The diagram below provides a quick reference for the following:

  1. An access route for builders has been created which runs from the car park to the Main Building, parallel to the Stott Wing.
  2. Obstructing foliage has been removed along this route and gates have been installed which simultaneously block vehicle access while enabling student access between Stott Wing and Western parts of the School.
  3. The Stott Wing verandah has been partially demolished and solid hoarding has been erected along the length of the building to ensure safety and minimise noise and dust. Junior School lockers have been moved to sit on the inside of the hoarding.
  4. The Junior School sandpit and swing are being relocated to the oval, adjacent to the pool, and shade sails will be installed.
  5. On the oval, the soccer nets have been moved to create a single playing field running north to south.
  6. The sandpit, swing and the oval can be accessed via a modified walkway at the car park end of Stott Wing.
  7. A compound area for the builders has been created in the south-west corner of the oval adjacent to the main building. This houses the site office, workmen’s facilities and a delivery area.
  8. A secondary builders’ access route from Stonyfell Rd to the compound area runs along the edges of the oval bordering Fergusson Park. The route and compound are cordoned off with wire mesh fencing.
  9. Our disabled car parks have been moved to the top end of the pick-up/drop-off zone outside Chiverton.

To view our Master Plan in detail, visit