Year 12 Results 2020

Our Year 12 Class of 2020 has reinforced our tradition of success across the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

In a year beyond compare, our girls rose to the challenge, achieving the following incredible highlights:

  • Median ATAR of 94.05
  • 43% received an ATAR of 95+ (top 5% nationally)
  • 41 Merit Awards

Equal Duxes of the School Ella Liddy and Ellen Zhang achieved an IB score of 43 out of 45, earning an ATAR of 99.55, a South Australian university selection rank of 99.95 and 5 merits.

Saints Girls’ percentage of SACE Stage 2 grades in the ‘A’ band was a phenomenal 73%, compared with 66% in 2019, 63% in 2018 and 59% in 2017. This emphasises our consistent academic improvement and far exceeds the State figure of 30%.

Our SACE students flourished across all subject areas, in particular:

  • The percentage of Mathematics grades in the 'A' band was 63%, more than doubling the State figure of 31%. In General Mathematics specifically, 83% of our students achieved 'A' grades.
  • In Business, Enterprise and Technologies, 91% of students received 'A' grades (State figure - 27%).
  • Across The Arts, 89% achieved 'A' grades (State figure - 41%).
  • In English, 78% recorded 'A' grades (State figure - 32%).
  • In Food and Hospitality, 50% of students achieved an A+ (State figure - 5%).
  • Across Health and Physical Education, 44% received an A+ (State figure - 4%).
  • Our Year 11 students excelled in Research Project, with 91% recording 'A' grades (State figure - 37%).
  • Two of our students were honoured with an exclusive invitation to participate in the prestigious SACE Art Show 2021 for their exceptional work.

In the IB, the School’s median score was 37, equating to an ATAR of 95.45; the median SA university selection rank was 98.50. Our 2020 IB cohort of 16 students was our biggest to date, with more than 60 Saints Girls graduating from the Diploma Programme since it began at the School in 2014.

45 of our 65 Year 12 students secured early entry to the University of Adelaide and/or Flinders University after applying for pathway programs based on their Year 11 grades.

We congratulate our graduates on their diligence and dedication in achieving these outstanding results, supported by our talented teachers and proud parents.

With a history of success spanning more than 125 years, the future at Saints Girls has never been brighter.

Kind regards

Julia Shea

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