Congratulations to our Year 12 students

We are thrilled to share final results from Year 12 class of 2016.

• 18.5% of students in top 1% nationally
• 48.2% of students in top 5% nationally


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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Congratulations to our Year 12 SACE students


Dear members of the St Peter’s Girls’ School community,

I am thrilled to share with you some initial South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) results from our Year 12 Class of 2016.

  • 18.6% of full SACE students received an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) over 99 (18% in 2015)
  • 48.8% of full SACE students received an ATAR over 95 (42.8% in 2015)

My congratulations to all our students on their accomplishments, having strived to reach new personal bests.

Special mention must go to the following students on their exceptional individual results: Kritika Mishra and Mila Loechel, who received the top ATAR result of our SACE cohort with 99.85, and Samantha Abeygunasekara and Olivia Teh, who both received 99.75.

Kritika received a total of 5 Merit Awards, and, as a result of her remarkable achievements, she will receive the additional honour of a Governor of South Australia Commendation.

Collectively, the Year 12s received 42 Merit Awards across a diverse range of 12 subjects, including English Studies (14), Biology (6), Drama (3), Research Project (3), Chemistry (2), Modern History (2), Physics (1) and Creative Arts (1). This year we made a mark in Mathematics with Merits in Maths Methods (5), Maths Apps (3) and Maths Studies (1).

We are also proud to have four Year 11 students, who were each awarded a Merit in Stage 2 subjects completed this year.

Our girls have outperformed the state in virtually all areas, with the number of ‘A’ grades far exceeding the State’s figures. The table below lists a variety of subjects, highlighting the diversity of the girls’ talents:

SACE ‘A’ results:

SubjectSt Peter’s Girls’ School (%)South Australia (%)
English Studies10033.01
Maths Methods76.4630.08
Modern History77.7723.57
Research Project59.5723.2
Maths Apps46.6720.13


Outstanding results such as these are a true reflection of the hard work and dedication of our girls, not to mention the invaluable support and leadership provided by our parents and teachers.

We are now eagerly awaiting the results for those girls completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or IB subjects as part of their SACE. These will be released on 4 January 2017 and I look forward to sharing them with you, along with a complete report and analysis of the results from our entire Year 12 Class of 2016 in the new year.

Julia Shea



SUBS in Schools National Finals

SUBS in Schools National Finals


The major project this year for the Year 10 GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Mathematics and Science) class was the SUBS in Schools competition. The SUBS in Schools program is conducted by REA (Re-engineering Australia) and sponsored by the Department of Defence, SAAB Australia, ASC and DCNS.

Students formed teams of five and each team competed in one of the following categories:
• Level 2: Design and build a large ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle)
• Level 3: Spatial Design; design an internal accommodation space for a submarine
• Level 4: Design and build a working model submarine.

Teams were given detailed specifications that they needed to interpret and address. In order to complete the task, different team members were responsible for different aspects of the team’s entry. For example, teams needed to secure additional sponsorship, publicise their team and the event, prepare visual materials, produce engineering drawings and 3 Dimensional renders of their craft or accommodation space using Computer Aided Design and build working models.

The teams competed in the SUBS in Schools National Finals this week at Prince Alfred College. They set up a trade display and were judged on their portfolio, marketing and a verbal presentation. In addition, the ROV and Submarine teams were interviewed about the engineering of their vehicles by a panel of judges and competed in ‘sea trials’ of their watercraft in the PAC pool.

All teams that compete in this program have to learn and apply a variety of new skills, develop their ability to collaborate and overcome significant technical hurdles to succeed. It was very exciting to be at the Awards Presentation Dinner on Wednesday evening to see each team win an award.

SAAB Australia Encouragement Award (across all three categories): Phantom submarine team, who overcame some major technical problems this week to get their sub in the water successfully (as an indication of the progress in this category, it should be noted that none of the teams had a sub that worked in the water at the State competition in 2015);
• Dominique Rigby (Team manager)
• Lucy Cox (Manufacturing engineer)
• Erica Reid (Design engineer)
• Michelle Yeoh (Graphics designer)
• Jaime Darley (Resources manager)

Outright Second Place in the ROV category: Orbis ROV team;
• Belen Swart (Team manager)
• Emma Herselman (Systems engineer)
• Alexandra Reade (Marketing communications)
• Luna Ye (Electrical engineer)
• Thandi Murada (Graphic designer)

Inaugural winners of the Spatial Design category: Syreni Interior Accommodation Space team;
• Anna Siouzeva (Team manager)
• Lauren Hernan (Naval architect)
• Therese Kemp (Marketing manager)
• Georgia Bowden (Materials engineer)
• Emily Webb (Systems engineer)

Brian Parsons
GEMS teacher and Head of Science

Success at the Primary Maths Challenge

Primary Maths Challenge


On Friday 11 November, a number of our Junior School students were presented with awards at the presentation ceremony for the Statewide Primary Maths Challenge.

Aojin investigated whether our athletes were getting faster, stronger and more skilled at each Olympic Games. Of the three Olympic sports that Aojin investigated, she found that only our female swimmers were getting faster. The judges could see that Aojin spent a lot of time gathering and analysing her data.

In Emily’s investigation into the Olympic Games, the judges could clearly see that Emily had engaged in lots of detailed research about the Olympics so that she was able to compare data across several events. The judges loved Emily’s conclusions as they really showed her deep thinking.

Evelyn expanded her mathematical thinking with her fabulous investigation into the mathematics of owning a pet. She created a giant portfolio of detailed calculations, creative pet tangrams and all sorts of amazing things, all related to owning a pet. In the words of the judges…“This is a most amazing and comprehensive investigation. We hope your data helps you convince your family to get a dog.”

In Rose’s project – Rose and the Great Maths Hunt – she went on a fabulous adventure where she discovered that people use Maths in so many different places. The judges loved the books that Rose made, especially the ‘Places I go’ booklet. They thought that it would be great to share it with younger children to see if they could follow Rose’s direction.

Show Business was the title of Bronwyn’s amazing mathematical investigation. The judges loved the way that Bronwyn was able to combine her love for Musicals and Mathematics to delve into every aspect of how a major stage show comes together. The judges were extremely impressed with Bronwyn’s reflection when she explored the need to estimate due to confidentiality reasons.


The judges loved the work created by our Year 2 girls. They said: “Congratulations on your amazing entry! We loved the way that you connected and explored Mathematics that is a key aspect of thinking artistically. Whether it was with Music or Visual Arts or the money from other countries, you made lots of connections with the symbols in each area. We love your theory that the language of Mathematics can be found everywhere! We loved your class journal and the opportunity to explore all your amazing thinking in your individual journals.”

Mrs Bruun and Mrs Clark won an Educator Award for the amazing work they have done with their girls and its relationship to the Australian Curriculum.

Cath Kelly
Junior School Learning Strategies Co-ordinator

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