Congratulations to our Year 12 students

We are thrilled to share final results from Year 12 class of 2016.

• 18.5% of students in top 1% nationally
• 48.2% of students in top 5% nationally


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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Round 4 Debating and Public Speaking Update

Debating Club

Congratulations to our Middle and Senior debating teams for commencing Term 3 with very successful results for Round 4 Debating. Our Senior White team have now completed their minor round debates and have been undefeated through the entire season. Congratulations to the girls who are a part of this team – Jaida Bouhamdan, Mila Loechel, Alexandra Murray, Grace Callen, Olivia Habel, Carys Jones and Sophie-Louise Shearwood. Congratulations also to Sophie who was awarded Speaker of the Night in the secret topic debate last Wednesday on the topic, ‘The Olympic Games are worth it’.

Well done to Grace and Olivia who also participated in this debate. A special thank you to Ms Cohen for all her coaching support.

Congratulations also to Year 7 White and Blue, Year 8 Yellow, Orange, White and Blue and Year 9 Red for winning their debates last Tuesday. A special mention to Holly-Wallman Craddock and Tiffany Zhou from Year 7, Isabelle Norman and Charlotte Stratton-Smith from Year 8, Hannah Brown from Year 9 and Ava Loechel from Year 10, who were awarded Speaker of the Night by the adjudicators.

Finally, congratulations to Aditi Tamhankar who competed in the Rostrum Voice of Youth National Finals over the holidays for the second consecutive year. We are extremely proud of her for representing Saints Girls on a national level.

Kritika Mishra
Debating and Public Speaking Prefect

Saints Olympiad 8–12 August

Saints Olympiad

Every four years, people across the globe flock to their TV screens to watch the magic and excitement of the Olympic Games. In 2016 the Games of the XXXI Olympiad will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro – the first time the Modern Olympics will be hosted by a South American nation. While the party in Rio on opening ceremony night is set to be spectacular, we will all be waiting and watching to see our home-grown heroes compete for a prestigious Olympic medal. This year’s Olympics sees St Peter’s Girls Old Scholar, Olympia Aldersey, rowing in the Women’s Eight.

To celebrate the Olympics, Saints is offering our very own Saints Olympiad with at least two activities available for the girls to try out each lunch-time during Olympic week (Week 3). The following is a timetable of these activities:

Monday 8 August:

  • Table Tennis– A chance to pick up a paddle and have a hit in the gym
  • Archery – Head up to the oval to try your hand at archery with two targets and plenty of bows and arrows.

Tuesday 9 August:

  • Soccer – Nominate your team of five friends and the country name you wish to play under before the end of Monday and take on all the other teams
  • Hockey – All are welcome to try out their skills in hockey on the synthetic pitch.

Wednesday 10 August:

  • Cycling and Rowing – Challenge yourself to see how far you can travel on a spin bike or rowing machine in three minutes inside the EFM gym
  • Volleyball – Enjoy Volleyball on the mini courts set up in the gym.

Thursday 11 August:

  • Badminton – Head down to the gym and enjoy badminton with your friends on the courts
  • Basketball – Have some fun with shooting challenges on the top court outside the gym.

Friday 12 August:

  • Handball – Middle School students are encouraged to sign up for their House handball team and play off to determine the winning house
  • Tennis – Find out how well you can hit with a chance to play against the ball machine on the bottom tennis courts outside the ELC.

On Friday 12 August, for a gold coin donation, students in the Middle and Senior Schools will be able to wear sportswear or national dress to school to celebrate the Olympics. The money raised from the casual day will be split equally between each of the four House charities. On the same day the ELC and Junior School will be working together to plant national flags along the pathway to Chapel to celebrate the achievements of all nations associated with the Olympic movement.

This fantastic week will culminate in the Middle and Senior School girls competing for House Shields in Badminton, Hockey, Netball and Soccer at the annual Winter Interhouse on the morning of Saturday 13 August.

Anna Cross

Team ATHENA’s successful trip to Houston

Team athena Houston

At the end of Term 2, ATHENA embarked on what was unequivocally our most exciting journey to date: a 10-day trip to Texas, USA, to attend the 2016 MATE Remotely Operated Vehicle International Competition.

We spent the first few days of our time away in downtown Houston where we attempted to get over our jet lag, adjust to the local weather of 35+ degrees and locate our missing luggage. We had a great time visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science, attending a night-time, fan-charged baseball game (go Astros!), shopping at Texas’ largest mall and eating the most amazing Tex Mex food. We even managed to fit some much needed exercise into our busy schedule as the lift was out in our hotel and the rooftop pool was on the 23rd floor!

On day three we piled into a minivan and headed down to Webster, home of NASA’s Johnson Space Centre, where we were showcasing the SUBS in Schools program at the MATE Competition. Held in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab (the largest swimming pool in the world which houses a full scale model of the International Space Station where astronauts train for future space ventures), there were over 1000 competitors from 16 countries, making for a few very busy and exciting days. However, not all our time was taken up with presenting and we had a great time being tourists and exploring the Johnson Space Centre.

We were also incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to sit down and talk with past and current astronauts, Andy Thomas and Shannon Walker, about their time in space and how they got to be where they are today. Organised by Nova Systems, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Overall, it was an incredible trip and this is evident both in the smiles on our faces and the inspiring new friends we made during our time in the States. ATHENA would like to thank Saints Girls and our sponsors, W&G/AZTEC, Saab Australia, ASC, DCNS, Nova Systems, Dedicated Systems, and, last but not least, Belinda Dawson and Meg Keough for supporting us on our adventure.

Emily Keough